Reviews about Cliff's Concert 2003
Cliff's 3 nights and 4 days' stay in Seoul, Korea
Dear all,
We are so sorry that we had not been back earlier, as said Cliff in his concerts in Seoul and Tokyo.
It's been already a week since Cliff had a concert in Seoul and Tokyo. But we are still in the excitement he had left to us. Now we are trying to pull ourselves together, and write a review of his performance in Korea.

Cliff under the Seoul Sky!!!
Ah......... March 7, 2003, So Unforgettable

He was standing in a snow white suit and white shirts with golden stripes in the beautiful lights, when he first appeared on the stage in Seoul. When we saw him in the white suit, we were very grateful. We asked a Korean journalist team who were leaving for Singapore to cover his concert there to deliver our message to Cliff, that was we highly hoped that Cliff would wear a white suit.

During the first half, Cliff in a white suit like an angel responded to our hearty cheers bowing with his hands together. It looked as if he were delivering his message of sorry for his absence in 34 years and appreciation for the fans' coming even so. He actually said sometime in the concert that "There were no excuses or reasons that I had not come back earlier. I am so sorry that I had not been back earlier. I wish I would come back again before too long" (This was not exactly what he said word by word, but similar ^_^)

He was perfect. No more description is required for the concert. He showed remarkable energy during the concert.

He was the Cliff that we had known, and we have expected. His movement was light like a feather, voice was sweet and appealing as if it had been coming from the heaven. He was exerting his best with all his heart for the fans who have not forgotten him even after so many years.

Whichever song he sang, he did his best, and the audience could feel it. With everything in harmony, he presented us a deep impression, huge pleasure and an unforgettable night with his own charisma.

Nothing can exactly describe about the concert that was full of passion from the audience. The minute he appeared on the stage, all the fans in the venue seemed to have been instantly taken back to the year of 1969.

When those familiar songs such as We don't talk anymore, Evergreen tree, When the girl in your arms, Summer holiday, Congratulations were sung, everybody shouted with glee and some followed the songs together with Cliff. Especially when The young ones was played, over 6,000 people sang altogether like a chorus as they did back in 1969. Cliff made us all feel as if we were teenagers. It is something only Cliff can do. Even if we have known him so many years, saw his concerts in the UK, he still made us wonder where in him such power and charisma came from. In the next day of the concert, a radio DJ started his music program by saying "Cliff that I saw yesterday looked like a young man in his twenties."

Cliff in the second half was beyond our imagination. It was so great that we wished there were more people to enjoy him and the music. Cliff wore black leather pants, black leather vest and black shirts with thin silver stripes. Cliff in all black and sunglasses looked even better than him in London concerts.

When Congratulations was being played, everybody went crazy, but we were sad. After the song, there was only one left, Millenium Prayer. 'We have waited him for 34 years, and finally he is here. Then how come the time flies so fast' At last Millenium Prayer was on, and we shouted with Cliff 'Amen' to wish the peace for the world that seemed very timely nowadays.

Only 2 hours and 30 minutes after 34 years of waiting!!! But what can we do. There were times when we thought we would never see him again in Korea. We would just thank him for coming to us, looking so wonderful in spite that so many years passed.

We believe that those who personally saw him at the airport spreading his arms wide to say hello to us, and those who saw him in the concert, and those who saw him on TV, all will not forget him. Cliff will always make us feel excited, our hearts run fast. He left so unforgettable impression to Korean fans that when he comes back even more people will run to see him again.

The meeting with Cliff and his Koreans after 34 years drew lots of attention from the media and the fans. We highly wish that the Seoul concert this time will be a stepping stone to the next one, not before too long, as he personally mentioned on the stage.

Cliff Fan Club Of Korea