Articles about Cliff's Concert 2003
Cliff's concert became a topic in Korea

Cliff's concert became a topic in Korea, all the TV and newspapers made special mention of it before and after. Following is an article, featured in 'Yonhapnews'.

- Cliff Richard's concert in Korea in 34 years -

British pop star, Cliff Richard's(62 years old) concert was his 2nd one in Korea, 34 years after the first one in 1969. It was heated up by the same fans mostly in their mid fifties, who were the teen age girls at his first concert. Their enthusiasm, which was never less than that of teens, filled the stadium even one hour before the concert began, from 07:00pm.

When the lights were gone and the opening was announced, around 6,000 fans were waiting for his appearance, holding their breath, wondering how he's changed.

When Cliff appeared in his white tux and white shoes, followed by the prelude 'We don't talk anymore', enthusiastic fans in front greeted him, standing up with hearty cheers 'Uwaaaaa...'.

When Cliff lead the atmosphere with his gorgeous steps, which was unbelievable for his age of sixties, audience of mostly in their fifties seemed to go back to the 34 years ago, oblivious of the present.

The earlier performance in Oct, 1969 was at Ewha Women's University on 17th & 18th followed by the first one at 'City Hall' on 16th, and it was said to be pretty much sensational to the point where some girls threw their underwears at Cliff.
Actually, recently it was turned out to be lacey hankerchieves, not underwears.

At the farewell concert that was held in the hall of Ehwa Women's university, more than 3,000 of it's full capacity were crowded in and there was an accident of many girls being hurt badly.
High school girls were shouting so loud out of joy, enchanted by the brilliant gesture a world famous and cute star performed that it was hard for Cliff to keep singing. Some girls even burst into tears.

There were other happenings at some of the girl's high school that they announce the midterm exam on the same day as Cliff's concert day only to prevent the students from staying away from school to go to the concert. Some school tried to educate the girls with the special spiritual program. It was all unforgettable culture shock for the older generation at that time.

Every time he sang his hit numbers, 'When the Girl in your Arms', 'The young ones', 'Summer holiday', 'Congratulations', the stadium was filled with joyful cries and chorus, and the stage and the audience became the one. Cliff was also seemed quite impressed with the memories of 34 years ago.

Cliff thanked every single fan who brought him a brouquet, and was old enough to be his fan for long time. He said "I don't know how to thank you for your everlasting I love for me." "I don't know what made it too long for me to be here again. I wanted to be here soon after at that time." He paid his gratitude and regret.

At the 2nd half, he appeared in tight black leather jacket and pants, wearing sunglasses, in explosive rocker look.

As soon as the first tune 'Born to Rock & Roll' was over, Cliff threw his sunglasses at the audience seats. Envious and jealousy mind that came with the cry 'Woooooooooooooooo' of the one audience who grabbed the sunglass looked the same teen's mind they once had.

When he sang 'The young ones' which is the title song of the movie 'The young ones' as well as the song of his success, he showed his rustless and unique diamond step, and the fans sang along the refrain part 'I need you, You need me'.

He also sang the hit number of Elvis Presley, 'Too much' and 'Don't be cruel', whom he made an idol of.

He also said that without Elvis there would have been no Cliff Richard, it's a great pleasure to cherish the memory of him and sing songs in the memory of the king of Rock & Roll.

During the part one and two of the concert, Cliff sang 29 songs of rock, ballade, dance and carol etc for 2 hours and 20 minutes, showing off his stamina.

As the concert goes on, he celebrated his 2nd visit to Korea in a sweat with the familiar melody 'Congratulations' along his fans together, which song is renowned for song of congratulation.

He left the stage after that, and the audience shouted for encore giving him a standing ovation for 5 minutes to pay their gratitute for the joyful concert they enjoyed.

The last ending was done with Cliff's sweet and heartful narration.

"Whole world is trembling for the fear of war, caused by the 9.11 terror, tragic accident in Bali etc." Followed by his ment "Without love and forgiveness, we're in no less than a war, not even holding guns or swords in our hands." his song for world peace 'Millenium Prayer' echoed.

He was placing himself in the minds of old fan as 'forever brother' when the concert was over which lasted for 2 hours and 20 minutes, and the lights were on.

The enthusiastic fan club member in front seat said "The memory is so vivid when I was at his last concert and 20 years old freshman at the Ehwa Women's University". "We are so happy and grateful that he kept his promise to come back, given a chance, which was his last ment at that time." "After the concert, I felt that it's the time that changed, not the minds of Cliff and his fans."